We offer many types of images. Using a variety of cameras, lenses and flight altitudes we can provide imagery ranging from very wide scale perspective shots to very high resolution views of individual buildings and areas. We also can cover multiple wavelengths using visible, near infra-red and far infra-red sensors.

Oblique Perspecitve
- Shot at an angle to give depth
- Best for closeups of structures
- More realistic presentation
- Minimizes rooftop visibility

Mapping - Vertical Perspective
- Two-dimensional and flat
- Good for legal and engineering
- Best for overlays and reports
- Shows property layout

Near Infra-red
- Black and White
- Minimizes atmospheric haze
- High contrast
- Contrasts Vegetation

Far Infra-red
- Black and White or False Color
- Traces heat differences
- Detects underground fires
- Highlights pavement